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A new shipment has just arrived. Below is just a few that we got in.

Pavol Demitra Lokomotiv

Pavol Demitra
Pavol Demitra

Gretzky, Tretiak and Kharlamov

Wayne Gretzky

Italian National team jerseys

Italian National Team Name Color Size Number
Azzurri Blue 48 (L) 10
Azzurri White 48 (L) 10
Azzurri Blue 52 (XL) 7
Azzurri White 52 (XL) 7
Azzurri Blue 52 (XL) 55
Azzurri White 52 (XL) 55
Azzurri Blue 54 (2XL) 71
Azzurri White 54 (2XL) 71
Azzurri Blue 60GC 1
Azzurri White 60GC 1
Azzurri White 60GC 31

Pavel Datsyuk 2012/13 CSKA
Pavel Datsyuk
Name Color Size Number
Datsyuk Red 48 13
Datsyuk Red 50 13
Datsyuk Red 52 13

Pavel Datsyuk AKBars jersey
P. Datsyuk
Name Color Size Number
Datsyuk Green 48 13
Datsyuk Green 52 13
Datsyuk White 48 13
Datsyuk White 52 13


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